Why Us?

Why should you choose Lawrence Advisory Services over other service providers? There are several reasons including among others we have or offer:

  • More Experience – The work will be performed by a professional with over 25 years of experience;
  • More Expertise – Our consultant has served literally hundreds of banks, credit unions, or mortgage companies in his career and is well respected by state and federal regulators;
  • Better Client Service – We believe that our clients deserve timely service. We will issue our reports and other deliverables within 10 business days of  completing our fieldwork. We are so committed to this that if this doesn’t occur, we will automatically reduce our fees by 15%! We also try  to return all phone calls or emails received within 24 hours.
  • Lower Fees-  Because we don’t have the level of overhead as other larger firms we can offer lower fees. iStock_000060566018Large