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Home Buying Tips From Our Attorneys

Each year we survey our network of attorneys on helpful tips for the home buying and selling process that we can pass along to consumers.

The following is a list of the tips that we found to be most helpful for consumers as part of our survey:

  1. If financing the purchase, be sure to provide all required documents to your lender timely, as your lender will need to meet the deadlines of the contract, most importantly the closing date.

  2. Be sure to complete any application that may be required to become a member of any applicable homeowner’s or condominium association.

  3. Gather a list of all applicable utility providers and be sure services are in your name and in place as of the closing date.

  4. Be sure that all desired inspections are completed and reported back to you timely before the end of any inspection periods, and be sure to only use licensed and insured inspectors.

  5. Be sure to check on the availability and cost of homeowner’s insurance, including any necessary flood insurance coverage.

  6. Talk to an attorney about the best way to hold title to the real estate, as there may be tax benefits, homestead protections, or estate planning considerations applicable based upon how ownership of the real estate is held.

  7. Be sure to complete a pre-closing walk-through of the real estate to confirm it’s in the condition required by the contract and the seller has completed all agreed upon repairs.

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