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Reasons to Close with an Attorney

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

There’s really no comparison between a non-attorney led real estate closing and a closing led and overseen by an attorney.

Unfortunately, most consumers don’t see the benefits to having an attorney led real estate closing until issue arises prior to their closing or after they have closed.

A survey of benefits consumers reported with attorney led real estate closings, included, the ability to discover and resolve title and survey defects; the ability to advise on the best way for taking ownership of the real estate and homestead related aspects; excellent problem solving, flexibility, and experience to resolve closing issues and keep the closing moving forward; and legal expertise to advise on and handle: (i) questions related to clauses in the purchase and sale contract, (ii) contract or closing related disputes that arise, and (iii) necessary modifications or amendments to the purchase and sale contract.

Additionally, attorneys tend to utilize more technology to ensure simplicity and security in the real estate closing process.

This technology is also coupled with the use of more experienced real estate closing professionals to help the attorney manage the closing process.

Ultimately, an attorney led real estate closing is far superior to having a non-attorney handle the closing, as a real estate closing is a legal process best led by an attorney.

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